Monday, 28 September 2015

The Diamond opens...

So after years of planning, and nearly two years of construction, The Diamond finally opened for teaching today - on time for the first day of term.

Been a bit of a rollercoaster ride over the last few weeks, and a lot of people have worked very hard to get in ready to open. We've been installing and testing the network, wired and wireless, telephones, PCs, specialist AV equipment, creative media equipment and lots more! Yesterday many CiCS staff were in sorting the last few things out, but also going above and beyond - clearing up rubbish, unwrapping furniture, and reprogramming the plasma screens to show floor layout. We even built a diary room designed by Ian, and printed in immaculate fashion by our Print and Design service. From this:

To this in just under an hour

Since then it's had a screen, camera and microphone installed and we've been recording visitors reactions to the building all day.

Here's some pictures taken yesterday:

Its pretty impressive!!  As with all new buildings there are some bits not quite there yet, but they will be soon. 

This morning, students started to turn up from about 8.30, either for lectures at 9am or to look round, the first in was so excited she hadn't slept! Lots of good comments, and pretty soon, the students had adopted the building as their own, and were just finding spaces to sit and work, as it should be.

And engineering were even running lab classes.

I think it's fair to say most of us have spent the day with smiles on our faces, and loving talking and listening to the students. More facilities will start opening up over the next days and weeks, so it can only get better!

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