Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Future of Work

Next keynote is from Perry Timms, Director of People and Transformational HR and is on the Future of Work.

Digital will transform the way we work. Has a big part to play in improving work. A digital enabled workforce will save the world from mediocre work. Has to be coupled with design, and a destiny mindset.

The world of work has changed. All about how HR has to change. We recruit and hire in the way we always have done. Most of our recruiters don't know how to hack linked in. That's if they've heard of it.

Need a 5G HR. Time for a digital makeover. What is the user experience of an applicant to one of our jobs?and it's not about having a system they can apply though. It's all about touch points. It's about the applicants we don't attract. Think about our reputation management though our digital interface. We need to be HRs closest friend, to enlighten, partner and create.

Social HR is important. People development in a connected age. We have celebrated the lone wolf, long hours culture. We need to re-energise people. Take a walk, talk to people, be more social. We need to push, promote and participate in the social agenda with our HR colleagues.

Cognitive HR. Our brain is amazing. Need to tap into what we are as cognitive, creative individuals. We need to help create a love affair between digital and learning. Linear click through learning doesn't work anymore.

Design HR. Who's good at design and UX. We tend to be. Help HR design things like policies that people will actually read. Extract what is important. Two places to hide a dead body - on page 2 of Google or in Apples terms and conditions.

In summary:
Rise of the HR technologist
Establishing social as the working default
Creation of world class digital learning content
Enhanced designs for work of the future
Rebirth of HR as startup entrepreneurs

Hit list of companies doing it right, disruptors!

Things to do:
Be best corporate buddies with HR
Share incessantly with HR about how Tech does its thing and influence their thinking
Allow HR to bring the best thinking from behavioural science into your ways of working and thinking
Just make like the Four Tops and Reach Out!

Great talk, full of energy. But again, difficult to blog, mainly because I was listening intently!
To get a feel for it, watch his TEDx talk:

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