Friday, 2 October 2015

Round up....

After the excitement of the Diamond opening, the week went a bit downhill as I became strikes with a lurgy, commonly known as Freshers Flu. And yes, I know it's not flu, and it probably doesn't come from Freshers, but hey, it's just a name :-).

Managed to make my first meeting of the Board of Trustees of Inspiration for Life. I was honoroured to be asked to join this board of a charitable trust set up to celebrate the life of Tim Richardson, a Physics lecturer who died of cancer in 2013. Some of the readers of this blog might remember posts about the 24 hour lecture which is held every year to remember him and raise money for charitable causes.

Also this week I went to a strategic liaison meeting with the Faculty of Science, and had another meeting with a head of department. I've almost got to the end of my road trip this summer visiting every HoD, and it's been an extremely interesting and valuable exercise and one I will try and repeat.

On Thursday evening I went to a dinner with members of the Board of the Grantham Centre for Sustainable development . This is a collaboration between the University and the Grantham Foundation to conduct research into sustainibilty, you can read more about it through the link above. Also at the dinner where some of the researchers, and we had a number of presentations and demonstrations of things they were researching into. My favourite of course was the drone, which is used for surveying crops. Unfortunately due to health and safety reasons, it could only hover, and not fly over the audience.

A very entertaining evening, and a great demonstration of the research we are doing into sustainibilty.

Off for a week now, back soon.


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