Monday, 21 September 2015

What to to when every employee is an IT employee

What to to when every employee is an IT employee

Look at where Total IT spend comes from - Mainly IT department and shared, but increasingly by business units, and more recently, employees. More jobs becoming deeply depending on technology. 81% of employees bring their own applications into the workplace. More work is collaborative, requires problem solving.

PWC have estimated that more than 50% of the changes in the way we work in the next 5 years will be due to technology breakthroughs. But, an unrelated survey by IBM on Millenials found that only 4% thought their IT organisations had no issues implementing new technologies. So, 96% aren't ready for fulfilling these increased expectations?

Three decades on we are still email centric organisations. So, is it about the organisations ability to change?

Accelerating pace of consumer technology.

CognIToy. Toy Hippo driven by IBM Watson.

Hello Barbie, records children's voices, processes, and replies. And stores it in the cloud. privacy concerns? .

Drones are very inexpensive. Are already delivering rings to weddings.

Wearables have wearables. Tiny tattoo like sensors on your skin.

These are changing what people are expecting to get

Emerging workplace technologies include Virtual personal assistants, Production studios and space planning.

So, what do we need to do to prepare for this.? Need a new skills and workforce strategy.

What are our top business goals?

What will employer expect from employees and vice versa

What skills do we need to meet those goals?

Sorts of skills we should be looking at are

  • Digital acument
  • Ability to change roles and groups
  • Local leadership
  • Effective partnering

What will our employees expect?

  • Easy access to content and data
  • Tablets, macs, smartphones
  • Apps not applications
  • Collaboration tools
  • Engaged IT support
  • Thriving enterprise social network
  • Having the right tools for the job
  • Stimulating work
  • Ability to learn
  • Autonomy in how the job gets done
  • Digitally literate leadership

Who will we need in our teams? Think about some or all of the following. :



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