Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Displays and a Peregrine

Last week I went to visit Samsung at their HQ in Chertsey. We're talking to them about some technical help for a future conference. It was a really interesting day. From looking at their consumer products, including tablets, phones and some pretty impressive flat screen TVs in their consumer showroom:

to talking to them about future teaching and learning technologies. We looked at different display technologies, including interactive touch screens for teaching spaces, and some rather neat touch 3D
screens - almost Minority Report like! There was also some nice curved monitors, apparently easier on the eye for people who look at screens all day as the peripheral vision is less strained.
I particularly liked an advert they were showing on a lot of their screens - not necessarily anything to do with the product, but it had some rather excellent footage of a Peregrine Falcon!

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