Friday, 18 September 2015

TELFest and Robots

Today was the final day of TELFest - our week long set of workshops, seminars and drop in sessions to help our academic staff enrich their teaching using technology. Organised by the CiCS TEL team, it's a fantastic event, very well attended, and showcases the best of what's happening here in the TEL world.  This afternoon the two last events were a panel session which I chaired on the future of technology in teaching. We were very lucky to have our new PVC for Learning and Teaching on the panel, and our artistic scribe for the event had prepared a bit of a surprise for him...

After the panel session, we visited "Innovation Corner", a new development where we got some cool bits of technology that were being used across the University to showcases their applications in teaching and learning. We had wearables including Google glass, drones, 3D printers, Oculus Rift and of course robots. There was the cute Nao root, who will be making a star appearance in The Diamond as part of a robot football team

And a very scary robot who uses facial expressions to interact with autisic children. Didn't get a picture of him having a panic attack, but it was really creepy.....

Big thanks to everyone who helped to organise TELFest, who presented sessions, or just attended - it is going from strength to strength and I look forward to the next one.

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