Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Why application developers think their CIO is clueless

So, some application developers think their CIO is clueless, according to a recent article in CIO magazine. But don't fear - help is on hand as apparently there are 9 behaviour traits CIOs can adopt or change to earn the love and respect (well, maybe respect) of their developer colleagues. Go to the article if you want to see them all, but my favourites are:

The CIO is a technical dinosaur.
Unless you are running for president of the United States, experience does matter

The CIO thinks changes can happen overnight.
Sorry to have to break this to you: You are not a wizard and your magic wand doesn't work.

The CIO collaborates to death.
Whether it is the character flaw of being indecisive or some middle-school notion of democracy, you are in charge. Collaboration is critical, but you also need to make the right decision at the right time. Collaborate like Captain Kirk. "Spock?" "Bones?" He gets opinions from his experts but there is never any question about who will make the final decision. And, if you never watched Star Trek then you shouldn't even be a CIO.

Well, I watched all of the first series of Star Trek (do I mean the first series? The ones with Captain Kirk in. Got lost after that), so I'm OK on that front. Not sure about all of the others though, especially some I haven't quoted...

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