Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Shaun the Alpaca

Just realised I've gone 4 days without blogging - almost a record I would think. Been away for long weekend, camping just outside Chatsworth. Nice campsite, in grounds of a pub selling good beer and food, decent weather, good walking and a BBQ and game of scrabble in pub thrown in for good measure. Fantastic wild flowers out in the fields and hedgerows at the moment, and even saw some interesting wildlife in the shape of some recently shorn alpacas, which just looked ridiculous!

Came back yesterday afternoon to Programme Board, and another look at the progress of all of our projects. Most going well, but usual issues of not enough resources. Not many new ones on the horizon yet but we are going to look at how we host and deliver media. We're rolling out Office 2007 this summer, and at the same time we're looking at some specific actions to help with documents in an open document format. Incidentally, we're looking for people to talk to us about their experience of this format - any volunteers, let me know.

Spent most of today going through the papers for an HR meeting, then chairing it this afternoon.

Also spent a bit of time looking at some software for blogs and wikis that we're evaluating as part of our Innovative Communications project.

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