Friday, 11 July 2008

Awards and Audit

Spent more time in the IC yesterday showing another panel of judges around from RIBA - this time for the White Rose Award, or the best building in Yorkshire. They seemed impressed - hope they recommend us for it. Fingers crossed again. It was interesting walking round the building with the architect who designed it, and with a team of architects. I'm used to showing people around who are interested in how it works, but yesterday they were interested in completely different things. They also spotted things that I'd never seen before, like a mirror in the ceiling on the entrance floor, and the architect explained some things that had been puzzling me for a while, like why there are two sets of lights in one area. Simple explanation - it's a mistake!

Later yesterday afternoon we had a feedback session with an auditor from HEFCE who'd been auditing our HESES return. This is a complex report we send off every year with details of our student numbers, what courses they are doing etc. It's this report that determines what funding we get, so it's vital that we get it right. The auditor has been here for a week making sure that our data was correct, and we're not claiming mor money than we should! The return involves mainly 3 departments - Student Services, Corporate Planning Office and us. A lot of hard work was put in all week making sure the audit went well, and I'm pleased to say we got a reasonably clean bill of health - one or two things found, but nothing we weren't expecting. Well done everyone.

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