Thursday, 3 July 2008


Final day of our strategic get together and time out today. Session on leadership, and how leadership differs from management. Also looked at different sorts of leadership and different leadership styles. We finished with drawing up an action plan of things we're going to do as as soon as we get back. It's been an extremely valuable time - we've learnt a lot, about ourselves and about each other. It's very important to understand our personal styles and preferences, and those of the people we work with. It's only by doing that, that we can learn how to work together and get the best out of our team.

We're planning to cascade this sort of work down the department, and we started earlier this week with the first session of our management development framework. Eventually this will touch everyone in the department.

Of course, we couldn't get away without another team exercise - this one required teamwork, coordination and communication. I think it was called bigfoot, and on the above contraption, we had to negotiate an small obstacle course! I think we did pretty well....

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