Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Degree Ceremonies

It's degree ceremony week this week - 9 ceremonies over 5 days. I try and attend at least one a day, sometimes more. It's a great time of year and should remind us of why we're all here. Lots of pleased (and surprised) parents and friends looking really proud, and very relieved graduates. The University pushes the boat out on the concourse with a Pimms and Champagne bar, a jazz band, and lots of stalls, and the Octagon Centre is dressed up for the occasion as well - even the toilets have flowers in. It's chance to put on a gown and hat and process gracefully through the hall onto the stage, being careful not to trip over the gown, lose your hat (oops sorry, mortar board) and not get the sleeves of your gown caught on the handrails of the steps - and I have done all 3 over the years. Big softie that I am, I still get the occasional tear in my eye when the Chancellor asks all the graduates to stand up, face their parents and friends and applaud them for supporting them through the years.

Congratulations to all of them.

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