Thursday, 5 November 2015

Gratuitous cat picture....

As well as a lot of catch up meetings this week, I've spent quite a lot of time judging the Amber Miro award.  Amber was a great character, chair of the UCISA Support Services group, wore the most amazing red lipstick, had an amazing ability to innovate and motivate, but sadly died far too young in 2012.

This award was set up to in her memory, and is intended to reward innovation. This year we asked for the submissions to be in the form of a video - so I've spent some very enjoyable time this week watching and scoring them. There were some cracking ideas, and some great videos. Will announce winners on here when I can!

Other things so far this week include a meeting with our JISC account manager, and a liaison meeting with our our estates department.

This is a bit of a short post, so I'll leave you with a picture of two of my cats. One fat one asleep on my bed, and one looking at me intently, trying to will me to get out of bed and feed him. He failed. 

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