Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Social CIO

First session this morning from the CIO of Health Service Ireland about using social media as a member of the leadership team.

Why would you use Social Media? Many different organisations to engage with, and all very different. They have opened up all social media channels, trained clinicians for example to write blogs, encouraged openness and transparency.

To succeed in the social age, follow this law, More Social, Less Media

IT department are going through a transformation from just providing services to being business change partners. They have used social media to aid communication with staff spread out over whole of Ireland

If you are a digital leader, you leave a digital footprint. 140 clinicians have volunteered to be digital information officers and use social media. Important that you are seen as real people. Encourage people to ask questions.

Authenticity is key. Real people. Don't recruit people to manage social media. But, challenge is to stop it being all about "me".

Be part of the hive mind. Share ideas, ask questions. Simple questions can start a good conversation.

Not always about putting information out there, but about conversations and answering questions. Comments have to be timely and authentic.

Emotional reputation is a big part of using social media. Can do serious damage. You need to know, like and trust the emotional reputation of your organisation. But, you still need to be a real person. It's an easy job done well, but it can go wrong. Whether you do it well or not, you take it with you.

Influence through feelings not through thinking.

Innovation very important. Innovation through accessing the width of the social mind. Clinicians have built different care pathways by sharing information between each other and patients.

Social media gets you out of the office . Exchanges with others creates innovation.

Social media can create an Eco system of fans, the clinicians who are interacting with IT department through social media are now a fan base, critical friends and advocates.

Can't ban social media, and equally can't make people use it.

What's the difference between good healthy debate and arguement? Has to be a balance. Lock social media away after more than one glass of wine :-) Are you representing your opinion, or your own? Are you sure you're right? If in any doubt, don't post it.

Why be social? Because it's part of making connections. Allows you to engage openly with the right people. Allows different groups to come closer together, to understand each other.

As CIOs become more business leaders and less about the technology, using social media will assist this

Social media is not a fad, it's a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. It's here, and you can use it or not.

If you write a social media strategy, you're immediately taking too much control. Teach people how to use it, benefits and risks, and then let them use it.

Mixing personal and corporate messages on Twitter is fine if you are comfortable with is as it paints a picture of a real person.

Good talk, and interesting to see how they are using social media in what has previously been a sensitive subject ie healthcare.


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