Friday, 13 November 2015

Home again

Well the conference is finished, we've had the closing keynote, the exhibition stands are packed away, and all of the signs are being taken down. It is a huge conference - several thousand attendees (about 6 I think), and hundreds of Gartner staff. It's a great place to hear about new things, network, attend workshops, and just generally immerse yourself in all things digital.

Takeaways for me included looking at how we might take advantage of the Internet of Things, whether wearables have any place in education and if so, what at the ethical implications, how can we use data and algorithms to improve our services, and most of all - we need to get digital!

And of course, I got to ride on a Segway again. Wouldn't be a trip abroad without a Segway ride. Can't wait for the UK to catch up with the rest of the world and allow them to be ridden here ;-)

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