Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Bits and Pieces

Some of the other things I've been doing here at Gartner Symposium:

Went to a workshop yesterday on implementing Bimodal IT, a parallel form of implementing innovations. We looked in detail what the barriers to setting this up and getting it going are and how we might overcome them.

Meeting analysts and having one to one discussions with them. I've had three. One on student systems and what's happening in the market, very appropriate for us at the moment. One on Digital Strategies - should we have one, if so, what should it contain, and if not, how do we embed digital in our Univeristy strategy. And finally one on organisations, what makes them work well, structures, processes, policies etc. all extremely interesting and useful

I've also been to the exhibition, which is huge

Every evening they have a reception where they try and get you to their stand. This one with vodka poured through an ice sculpture worked quite well!


And I'm not sure who these were, but they were photobombed

And finally, I've been to. Couple of evening receptions which are a good opportunity to network with colleagues, and try new technology. I did get a go on an Oculus Rift which was set up to simulate a theme park ride. So realistic I had to keep closing my eyes!



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