Thursday, 12 November 2015

Nothing but a pair of speedos....

Had an amazing talk from Lewis Pugh, an environmental campaigner, who was the first person to swim at the North Pole. Done to bring attention to the fact that he could swim there, when really the ice should be frozen, but it is now melting. The water is still below freezing because it is salt water, almost 2 degrees below. 5 degrees colder than the water the Titanic passengers froze in.

He swam a kilometre in 28 minutes, in just a pair of speedos and goggles.

I defy anyone to watch this video and not to take a gasp of breath when he jumps in, or to scream just put a blanket on him, to his team when he gets out!

He also swam around all of the Maldives, which was a bit warmer, to draw attention to the fact that as the oceans rise, they are disappearing, Half way round his boat broke and they couldn't fix it. Seeing a yacht in the distance he joked that he knew Roman Abramovitch had a yacht out there and wouldn't it be good if it was and he rescued them. After some calls back to London including to the Chelsea FC manager, the yacht started to come towards them. It was his, and he rescued them, and gave them use of it for a few days!!!

If you want to know more about this amazing man, read his book, 21 Yaks and a Speedo.


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