Thursday, 29 October 2015

Water feature in the IC

Yesterday I got a call to say that there was a flood in the Information Commons Yes, there had been heavy rain, but the University is on the top of a hill so I was a bit bemused....  When I got there I discovered that due to a problem with drainage, water had built up on the flat roof until it had overflowed, and we had what amounted to a waterfall water feature down one of the walls. It was really quite spectacular. I had been called not just because we jointly manage the facility, but because the Duty Manager wanted a standby incident manager. I'm one of the trained IMs for a major University incident, but after some discussion with the duty manager we decided it wasnt an mjor incident, but I would remain on standby and keep a watching brief. We went through our checklistsof who had been informed and needed to be involved - Health and Safety, Insurance, Comms, EFM, Cleaning, Library. And of course us - we needed to check that no equipment had been damaged - we were lucky that only a couple of PCs had been splashed, but we were more worried that water might have gathered under the floor and damaged our network cables. luckily it hadnt'!  The EFM team were great, climbed onto the roof and drained the water away until a drainage company arrived to clear the drains. Only part of the building had to be closed, and after a catch up nmeeting later inthe day, and inspection the following moring it was reopened.

Today we had a conference call with another University who are arranging a major incident simulation and wanted our advice on how to organise it - I think we were able to give them plenty. We've had a lot of practice recently!

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