Sunday, 9 November 2014

Top ten business trends and strategic technologies in education

Next session is looking at business trends in education and what strategic technologies we should be implementing to support them.

The goal: scaleable, affordable, quality education.
More people will need more skills
More people will need to re-skill more often
More people are more mobile

Also, cognitive machines will start to take over some jobs. Back in 2004 it was still accepted that a computer would never drive a car. Will be need for massive education and reskilling programme.

So, what are the top ten business trends?

Even prestigious research institutions are realising the importance of student success. Taking care of whole student cycle from recruitment to getting them into the right job.

The top technologies we should be concentrating on are:

Most self explanatory. Adaptive learning, when student and teacher discuss how learning can be made better. Exostructure is SOA by another name. ie not just infrastructure. Services are connected to from outside.
Digital assessment. If we do more online learning, which we will have to do for scale, will need to have way of assessing, and to know who we're assessing, and to trust them to be not cheating.

Then can start to match them up. Not a one to one relationship.

Gartner have provided us with a toolkit to look in more depth at the trends and technologies, to put them in an order relevant to us, and to add new ones.
So my action plan is to make a top ten list relevant to the University of Sheffield. To socialise this with stakeholders and CiCS to get some joint ownership. To build the lists into strategic and tactical planning and refer to hem frequently. And to refresh the list every 6 months.

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