Friday, 21 November 2014

Purple window

Quick round up of the week that's just gone so fast! Spent half a day working with senior colleagues on 'what makes a good manager, and particularly the issues faced with managing diversity. All part of my work with the Equality and Diversity Board. Some very interesting discussions, and we didn't just talk about the commonly discussed diversity characteristics - gender, race, disability, but many others including faith, sexual orientation, social class. There's a whole body of research showing that diverse temas are more productive and solve problems quicker, so we need to ask ourselves what we can do to increase diversity both in our staff and students.

Also had chance to look at our new mobile apps for our HR and Finance system - looking very good. Much better than the desktop versions. Soon you'll be able to carry out many tasks on the go, without having to log in to the complete systems. Some great work from the team - an agile project that's worked really well.

On Wednesday evening I went to a reception organised by our Alumni Office for students who are
recipients of scholarships from the Alumni fund and those who donate to it. It was really great to talk to the students and see how much they benefit from the scholarships. It was also good to see the newly refurbished Firth Hall, with the exposed North Window which has been covered up by sound insulation for years - it looks great.

Another chunk of the week was spent talking to staff about the recent results of our University wide staff survey. I had two drop in sessions, and was pleased so many people took the time to come and talk to me. very tiring, but well worth it.

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