Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Mobile Scenario

First session this morning is from Nick Jones again, looks at what's happening in the mobile area.

Mobile impacting our businesses on process level. Very good way of improving efficiency and effectiveness. Also the business methods dimension eg Uber, matching supply and demand and using dynamic pricing. Business moment opportunuities, eg in marketing using location based services.
Can use mobile to change business in novel ways.

Android dominates in handset world and will continue to do so. iOS still very strong. Windows still very niche, struggling to get customer acceptance.
In tablets, android dominating again because of price. iOS still strong. But windows just not there
Laptop market is going down, people buying tablets instead.
Blackberry almost non existent now. Under 0.5% of market share.

The smartphone will be the universal link to the Internet of things. In three ways:
Personal networks, eg wearables
Personal bubbles - devices close by using proximity services, eg smart TVs etc
Cloud connected devices, using smart phones to monitor what's going on in cloud.

By end of 2015 will be 7bn connections in the world.
Major players are Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung (especially in smart home area).

Technology trends. In short term: more sensors eg for biometrics, curved and flexible devices, wireless video, accelerometers, new blue tooth and wifi standards
Medium term: personal biometric sensing, new display technologies, new UXs for wearables, increased use of 3D, rich touch

On network front, LTE rollout is continuing, faster in Japan that Europe. 5G total hype at the moment, could be 2020 before deployed. IoT driving new types of networks, new versions of Bluetooth.

Privacy an important issue. Mobile devices are collecting lots of personal data, where we are, what we're doing, how healthy we are. Can be analysed, correlated etc. Need to design in privacy to mobile apps, and may drive change in legislation.

Major challenges facing CIOs in the mobile area:
Skills shortages
New working practices and devices
Making mobile innovation safe and secure
Communication and collaboration tools on devices
Mobile app development and testing
Consumer facing apps coming into the enterprise.

We should be aiming for a future workplace with ubiquitous mobility. People will own multiple devices to which apps will be delivered to. Wearables, BYOD will be ubiquitous and there will be employee autonomy in processes, apps and devices. Employees will innovate. Continual loss of IT control.

In this area, everything moves fast. Need to adopt agile strategies. Focus on managing risk, using agile methods, working with innovative partners, lightweight governance. Bimodal IT fits well. Small, multidisciplinary innovation team using iterative, fast development processes.

Different types of apps:
Convenience, commodity apps eg approving leave. Have to have them, but not exciting!
Process support eg supporting sales force
Process transformation, developing innovative processes, changing the way we work.

Will need multiple app development tools, no one tool will provide everything.

Big challenge is user experience. Because of quality of consumer apps, expectation is higher for enterprise apps. Need to design in user experience.

In security terms, moving away from protecting the device, locking it down, to risk based security. Making innovation safe on untreated devices. Using contextual security, will be more fine grained.

Consumer applications are leading the way in innovation.
Smart spaces eg in retail. Proximity beacons will track where you are in shop, assistant will know who you are and what you've bought. Scary :-)

In app development, need to get these things right:
Deliver business vale
Unlock innovation
Create a user experience with the wow factor
Business processes have to be in place to support the app
Quality, bug free, resilient, scalable
Diversity, on device and platforms.

Things to so:
Sponsor ideation exercises, the mobile, future will be stranger than your current strategy imagines
Stop managing devices, manage data and apps
Adopt Bimodal IT
Pay attention to privacy and security

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