Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Open Days and various meetings

Yesterday I spent some time on our stand at the Open Day - this time talking to prospective students and their parents. Good fun again, and very busy. Lots of questions about bringing their own laptops and accessing the internet, and what facilities we have on campus. Was able to sell the Information Commons quite heavily as well as the wireless network on campus. Interesting the part parents are playing - when I went to University it was very much left to the student to make the choice, now the parents arrive at Open Days on their own, leaving their offspring behind!

Today I've had a discussion on the future direction of our Document Management Project with the Project Customer. Some hard decisions to make over the next couple of weeks (I've blogged before about it so not going to bore you again), as to how we take it forward, or whether we change direction completely.

Also today I chaired a meeting of our Business Continuity Operations Group - we're meeting every two weeks at the moment to make sure we have plans in place in case there's an outbreak of Swine Flu. With students coming back in just over a week, we're well prepared I think. Of course every year we get "freshers flu" - not flu at all but the result of all those bugs arriving at the same time. Very similar symptoms to swine flu, so the potential for much over-diagnosis.

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