Thursday, 10 September 2009

iPhone's don't bounce

Had a good meeting this morning on how to collect and manage all of our information about international contacts. These can be very wide ranging - international alumni, research links, teaching agreements, intelligence gained from market analysis, links forged on visits abroad. Lots of data, and lots of contextual stuff. We've agreed to collect most of the data which lends itself to being stored in a database in the system we originally bought for alumni data. Everything else - all the contextual stuff and intelligence we're going to put into uSpace - our collaboration environment. This will allow it to be easily accessible but secure, and can be updated during overseas visits - the blogs and discussion forums could be very useful in this respect. So, we're populating it country by country. Should be a very useful resource to support our Internationalisation strategy.

Also today we discussed producing a booklet for staff introducing our services similar to the one we've just produced for students - something just to start them off giving them information on how to use the portal and access some of the major services. In the past we've given students and staff the same information, but services have diversified so much that's no longer appropriate. Giving students Google mail for example.

And finally - I discovered that iPhone's don't bounce. Especially when you drop them onto a supermarket car park. I now have one with a completely shattered screen. Interestingly, it still works but the touch screen functionality is a bit dodgy, especially as bits of glass keep falling off it. Better order a new 3GS one. Every cloud as they say.....

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