Friday, 18 September 2009

Sister Act and a dancing Troubled Diva

I've still got some blog posts to write up about the conference - a good one on the Microsoft vs Google battle, and one on unified communications, but this is a slight deviation. Although I often travel to London, I very rarely get any free time to act like a tourist apart from a quick trip into the British Library which happens to be next to St Pancreas. Last night was a rare event - a night off as I had to stay here after the conference finished for a meeting with JANET this morning. So - what to do? Well, it just happened that Mike, from the wonderful Troubled Diva blog had his hour dancing silently on the plinth. He had produced a playlist, available for download so that whether you were there or not you could dance with him. I went down and it was great fun - and Mike did a great job of dancing for an hour. It was also quite strange (in a very nice way) meeting people in the flesh whom I've only ever know through cyberspace before.

Then I went to a show - haven't been to a West End production for ages - and I saw Sister Act at the Palladium. It was fantastic! I had a smile on my face all the way through. I was particulary impressed with the sets. In the past I've worked backstage at productions at The Crucible and The Lyceum (amateur productions of course), and at our own Drama Studio, so I spend a lot of time looking at the sets and the props etc. Last night I spent most of the time wondering how they did it. They had two revolving stages (I have had enough difficulty in my time with one!), and stuff coming up out of the stage, stuff flying in all over the place - it was wonderful.

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mike said...

Good to meet you, Chris - and I'm really glad you enjoyed my little display. :-)