Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Eddie iz Running

Most of the time I try and keep this blog work related, and this is no exception - I'm talking about an alumnus and honorary graduate of the University!

Eddie Izzard is running. A long way. A marathon a day round the UK taking in all 4 capitals, all for charity. Today he completed his 37th marathon by running through Sheffield. Much excitement this afternoon when his ice cream van parked outside the Information Commons and the driver told us he would be running past about 5.30. Then bad news, he was running late, and couldn't make the detour to come past the University, so I set off in my car to find him following the route on Google maps I thought he would be following. And I found him!

Running up Duke Street at about 7pm. It was getting dark, looked like rain, he'd run from Wakefield, but he took the time to stop, say hello, check that I'd sponsored him, and pose for a photo. He is a star and doing something that I cannot imagine attempting - the thought of running one marathon fills me with dread. So - SPONSOR HIM HERE. Sorry, didn't mean to shout!

When he left me he asked how far the hill went on for. As it goes uphill for about 4 miles I wasn't sure whether to tell him the truth or not. After about half an hour the heavens opened and he got drenched, and it got dark. He completed his run at about half past 8. Did I tell you to sponsor him?

PS There's more pictures here

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Herb said...

Nice one Professor! Huge fan of Eddie too & disappointed I missed him coming up the NW and then back down the NE. Glad you caught up with him.

BTW, I'm helping run TEDxSheffield on Wed, 16 Sept in Sheffield. Have you heard of it? It's an offshoot of the relatively notorious TED Conferences. It's free & it might appeal? Think we've got about 135 signed up - www.tedxsheffield.com

Day job is based up in NE England where among other things I produce this.. http://bit.ly/3H8rI

Well done again re Eddie & tx for the photos.