Monday, 14 September 2009

Revolutionising the classroom - 40 years ago

Programme Board today and a catch up after the summer on all of our projects and how they're progressing. The one's going live in the next few weeks - Google mail/calendar, Student timetables, uSpace, eRecruitment, are all progressing remarkably well. Some others have slowed down, but thats because of their dependency on other things or just simply lack of resources. Some reprioritisation is required, and we'll be doing that next week.

Someone has just pointed me in the direction of this link - a clip from a Tomorrow's World programme of 40 years ago showing a computer in a school. It's called Nellie, and is apparently set to revolutionise the classroom. Worth a watch. At least now we don't have to check the oil levels and temperatures of computers before we turn them on!

They quote "most adults find computers a bit of mystery, but for these children brought up in a world of diodes and transistors there's nothing mysterious about a computer". How things of changed! Of course, most computers are still a mystery to some adults, but the beauty now is that you don't have to understand how they work to use them.

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