Friday, 16 January 2015

TEL, SAP, Value and TechQual

I posted the other day about TELFest which has been hugely successful - congrats to the whole team. The team have also just launched a new website - the TELHub - a website which provides information about technologies available to all staff to enhance their teaching as well as case studies showcasing the innovative use and effective practice of learning technology from colleagues across the University. Another great resource.

Other stuff happening this week - our Corporate System team completed an upgrade of our eRecruitment System delivering some real enhancements to the service, and they completed it ahead of schedule. Congrats all round.

I went to the first meeting of a new University committee to look at Public Value. I'm really quite excited about this group. It will look at how the University creates Public Value by looking at questions including  - what is the value of what we do, what are we for, who do we serve? It is intended to demonstrate that our activities make a difference and ensure that our stakeholders can engage with us. It will also look at difficult issues - where we might have different views from some of our stakeholders - and encourage an open debate. Some issues we discussed yesterday included whether we should disinvest from fossil fuels and how we might help asylum seekers in Sheffield.

The other interesting discussion this week was a first look at the results of a recent survey we've done of our services to staff using TechQual. This doesn't just measure satisfaction with our services, but it measures our customers expectations. Not surprisingly these have rocketed in the last year or two, and we are struggling to meet them.

OK, off on leave now for a week. See you soon.

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Anonymous said...

Great website - very useful resources. Nice to see a TEL team so proactive.