Friday, 30 January 2015

Digital Student

One of the JISC projects to come out of the codesign process is Digital Student, which is exploring students expectations and experiences in using technology, and they have recently published almost 50 exemplars of effective practice in support of students’ digital experiences. You can see them here, and I'm pleased to see that Sheffield is represented by All About Linguistics. There's some really good ones, and a real variety of case studies - a good set of resources for anyone interested in improving the students digital experience. They are categorised under the following headings:

    •    Prepare and support students to study successfully with digital technologies
    •    Deliver a relevant digital curriculum
    •    Ensure an inclusive student experience, using technology to overcome disadvantage
    •    Provide a robust, flexible digital environment
    •    Develop coherent policies for ‘Bring Your Own’
    •    Engage students in dialogue about their digital experience and empower them to make changes
    •    Take a strategic, whole-institution approach to the digital student experience

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