Monday, 12 January 2015

SSB Highlights

First Service Strategy Board of the year today - not a lot of project reports as we don't bother in January as it covers the Christmas period. However we do look at any projects having difficulty and try and solve any resourcing issues. We also get updates from each Service Manager on whats been happening in their area. A few things of note to report.

Today Winter TELfest started - organised and run by our Technology Enhanced Learning team, it follows the very successful one we ran in September and provides workshops, drop in sessions and networking sessions for staff who want to develop their technology enhanced teaching.  There's a great buzz over there at the moment, and it looks like being extremely interesting - there's sessions on our VLE, on Pebblepad, on getting the most from Google Apps, MOOCs, Twitter, lecture capture and mobile learning tools.

On the research side, we're working with one of our very successful professors who's just received a large MRC grant to set up an imaging lab, and we will be helping him with the computation and storage requirements.  The lab will use innovative and state of the art techniques developed here to produce high quality images of lungs which involve patients inhaling small amounts of noble gases before an MRI scan.

We also looked at a proposal to implement an event booking system for our performance space, buying some desktop scanners as a pilot for our student eFile project, and going through our release checklist for some new Google features which people have asked us for.

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