Tuesday, 27 January 2015

JISC Stakeholder Forum

Today I've been at the JISC Stakeholder Forum meeting in London. A range of people present including PVCs, CIOs, Librarians, and from across the sector, including FE as well as HE. The meeting was for JISC to tell us what they've been doing, as well as to get feedback from us on the direction we'd like them to take. They've undergone quite a transition over the last couple of years, and I think are now beginning to gel into a single organisation serving the sector. Lots of talk about engagement, and how they are going to work with us to deliver services.

We had a look at some of the last years achievements. Including the shared London data centre, a tier 3 data centre based in Slough with a number of anchor tenants already agreed. Hugely successful development, saving the sector about £20m over 5 years.

We also looked at the Summer of Student innovation and some of the successful projects that have come out of that. JISC have a new R and D web page which lists all of their projects which makes interesting reading.

We had a good round table discussion about how we can work together and how we can get the best value out of JISC services. Knowing what the services are, how much they cost and much they save us was probably the most important point to come out of the discussions.

This video looking back over the past year is worth a look and has some interesting figures in it

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