Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Presentations, Pecha Kucha and Printing

Spent much of the last couple of days writing presentations. One to give next week at a conference which is a Pecha Kucha, or 20 slides for 20 seconds each. I must admit, I'm not entirely sure about this style. I find it quite difficult stick to 20 seconds, often wanting to digress into a story... I will just have to be more disciplined! The other is also to give next week to postgraduate research students about possible careers after they've finished their PhD, trying to open them up to things other than a career in academia. Many transferable skills are acquired doing a PhD and then writing it up including critical thinking, problem solving, writing, organisational skills and project management.

We've also had a a departmental meeting this week where I outlined our proposed new service portfolio and we had presentations on our staff creative media service and our graphic design and wide format printing service. This service has just won a national award for some design and printing work they did in of the catering outlets. Space was limited, so they designed prints to cover the cupboard doors.great work and a deserved winner.

Our external speaker was Chris Murray from epiGenesys, who gave us a fascinating overview of their history and the sorts of things they do.

Also this week I've been to a steering group meeting about how we develop the Sheffield Professional concept. Look out for some exciting announcements!

Now I'm on my way to Lancaster for a seminar on Innovation which I'm looking forward to.

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