Friday, 13 June 2014

Don't like ladders.....

One of the reasons I was at the Enterprise Mobility Summit yesterday was to take part in a panel session. It was chaired by the chief reporter from Computing magazine, and although there were several questions lined up in advance, most of the questions came from the floor. I was with the guy from the swiss bank who I posted about yesterday, someone from a local authority, and another private sector company. A real mixture of different approaches, and the guy from the swiss bank and I were sitting next to each other, and decided we were opposite ends of the spectrum when it came to our approach to mobile access to our services. They are very heavily regulated, locked down and risk averse, obviously. I think I was the only person there from the education sector, and everyone was really interested in our approach to BYOD - as I pointed out, it's difficult to avoid with a 25,000 student population. There was some definite wincing in the room when I pointed out that we allow any device to be connected to our network, including gaming ones.  I was surprised at the attitude to Android devices - even the most risk averse companies allow iOS and Blackberry, but will not allow Android devices to be used because of the risk of malware. The other area we were way ahead on, was using the web as the main platform for services, and having a good single sign-on portal - makes mobile access so much easier.

So, an interesting couple of days, met some people from outside the sector which is always good, caught up with someone who used to work with us 10 years ago, and scared myself stupid visiting HMS Belfast on the way back. Yes, I know I should have realised that a nine deck warship was unlikely to have staircases, that most of it would be below the water line, and a dress and sandals would not be appropriate attire for climbing up and down vertical ladders. Throw in a fear of heights and water, and it was a perfect hour!!

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