Friday, 6 June 2014

Old web site, new masterplan

Well the sun is shining, its Friday, going out tonight and a free weekend ahead - what could be better?  Thought I'd better post something about what's been happening - the reason for a lack of posts is that a lot of the week has been taken up with SRDS interviews, HR matters and budgets. most of which I can't for obvious reasons tell you about. I've also been writing a couple of presentations for next week, as well as preparing myself for a panel sessions I'm taking part in at The Enterprise Mobility Summit on Thursday.

 I have been to some interesting meetings though - the University has just about finished it new Estates Masterplan, and I've been to a session on that. Great to see so much in it about the public realm, creating more green corridors and public spaces and squares. Also a lot about traffic management - promoting our green transport policy and trying to get as may cars as possible out of the centre of the campus and onto the periphery.The multistorey car park we're building will help with that.

I've also been talking to some of our Executive Board about our review of our existing student system, and the importance of this being seen as a transformational project. This is not about putting a new system in, it's about having a completely new look at how we do things and about reviewing  all of our processes. This project will be as much about people as it is about systems.

Finally this week we're saying good bye to someone who was instrumental in designing the first major revamp of the University's web site, from a Campus Wide Information System, to a proper web site back in around 1997 I think. Here's a screengrab of it:

Look at those lovely clean lines, the well designed icons....   Good luck in your retirement Ken, you'll be missed!

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