Thursday, 12 June 2014

Enterprise Mobility Summit, mobility trends

Today I'm at The Enterprise Mobility Summit in London, taking part in a panel discussion later about opportunities and challenges of the move to mobile.

The summit kicked off with a review from Computing magazine of the main mobility trends following some research they'd done using focus groups, questionnaires and interviews.

Most people in IT are control freaks. Interesting dilemma when it comes to mobile. Control of devices is moving away from IT and becoming more decentralised. But, security is moving from hardware, to software and services which is under control of IT. Huge rise in mobile working which has to be facilitated.

Main reason for implementing mobile solutions is increasing efficiency and productivity, with increased flexibility second.

Use of PCs and Blackberries decreasing, tablets and smartphones increasing. Is it time to write off the laptop? Not yet.

BYOD increasing. But slowly in corporate organisations. Looking to secure the data, not the device.

Main platform for app development are iOS and android, blackberry and Microsoft way behind.

Next session was from a Swiss banking organisation about how they are using mobile. Interesting, so different from us. Most people using PCs and blackberries. Main mobile device is laptop.
Have to be secure, and seen to be secure.
Mobiles devices are a mechanism for leaking data, for introducing malware, instruments for government snooping.
Use "good for enterprise" on blackberries and iOS but won't allow it on android because of risk of malware and data leakage.
Use a mobile device management system on company owned iPads.
No single sign on to applications. VPN only available to senior managers. Prioritised platform security overly system security.
Their aim to be device agnostic, with BYOD available, whilst staying secure. To do this they will have to manage the apps and data and not the device. Single user identity, single authentication. Mobile first approach to apps.
They admit they are a long way from this, and it will take a lot of time to get there.

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