Friday, 17 January 2014

Data, data everywhere....

Yesterday I went to a meeting of the N8 Library and IT Directors to catch up on progress on a shared initiative looking at research data management. We have four groups looking at areas of collaboration - metadata, archiving, architecture and training. The latter group is looking at commissioning an on-line training package, developed specifically for us similar to the information security one we use, to raise awareness of the issues around research data management, particularly amongst researchers. It's an interesting project ad hopefully will lead to some real results.

Today another meeting about research data, this time between representatives from ourselves, Sheffield Hallam, the Children's Hospital, Sheffield Teaching hospitals and the City Council. This was again to look at whether there was the possibility of collaboration specifically in two areas, storage and "big data" analysis. It's fair to say the appetite for collaboration over storage was not shared by all present, including us, but it is obviously an issue for some in the NHS, especially with the amount of data being produced by some genome research groups. A Big Data initiative however, where we share data with each other was supported, and we'll be meeting again to look specifically how to take this forward.

Also today were degree ceremonies, and we were doing our usual recording and streaming of the ceremonies, producing and selling DVDs and USB sticks almost immediately after the ceremony, and the short " handshake" videos which are very popular. Not forgetting of course Print and Design Services doing a roaring trade with our Varsity Gifts.

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