Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Collaboration and communication

Yesterday I got together with colleagues from 3 Universities who, like us, are reviewing their student systems. All of us coming from a different starting point, and all at different stages of our projects, but a lot to learn from each other. We'll be keeping in touch during our projects, sharing information, letting our project teams network with teach other, and jointly getting a feel from suppliers about their products, roadmaps and capabilities.

Later in the day I talked to the rest of the exec team about planning for next year, and had a very productive meeting about a review of our Process Improvement Unit which we need to do over the next few weeks to secure its continued funding.

Today was one of those days where my diary was full of end to end meetings - some requiring teleportation to get from opposite ends of the campus in no time.

One of them was looking at our new portal and how we keep developing it. Most of our discussion was about how we improve the way we target communication to staff and students who actually need or want the information, rather than blanket staff and student emails. We want to reduce the amount of emails, and use our portal to both push messages and allow customers to pull the ones they're interested in. Hopefully it will benefit the senders and receivers of information if we get it right.

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