Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Back to meetings...

Getting back into the swing of meetings this week. Yesterday was our Service Strategy Board - no project reports this time because of the 10 day closure over Christmas, but a full meeting looking at the many things that are happening in the department. All the news on our different service areas is here, and other things we talked about included operationalising our incident management policy. We have very good procedures for our Helpdesk, with the incident co-ordinator who is on duty all of the time our Helpdesk is open playing a leading role in communicating with our users and acting as the liaison point with the technical staff. Our service status page is very well used, and we even have bat phones to contact the Helpdesk and different technical teams, (they're not really bat phones, I wish they were). Now we're expanding the procedures to better document what we do out of hours. We also had very good feedback on our involvement in the Learning and Teaching Conference - Digital possibilities. More on that in a later post. Other things covered included a discussion on moving to agile project management and some training we're arranging for our project managers and other key individuals in the department.

Today I went to the first meeting of a Project Board looking at replacing our Learning Management System (which recently died), with a University wide one as the place for all development activity to be accessed, recorded and reflected upon.

Then this afternoon it was our PSE (Professional Services Executive) meeting with our Faculty Directors of Operations, and the main part of the meeting was a presentation from the FDOs on Faculty priorities for the coming year. This feeds into our planning process, and we will be meeting with all of the Faculties over the next couple of weeks so that we can explore how we might work with them to deliver their strategic objectives.

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