Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Mobile Mole

At our departmental meeting on Monday we had a presentation on Blackboard Mobile Learn - an app
we have released for our students to get access to MOLE, our Virtual Learning Environment. It provides access to students courses and content on a variety of mobile devices and platforms and lets students interact with it. students can read the blogs within MOLE and leave comments on them, as well as taking part in discussions and uploading media. They can reflect on their learning through their course journal and comment on their peer's journals, and staff can also take part in these discussions. The push notifications are a key feature, and students can elect to receive notification of when new content is posted, when assessments are due, when a new test is posted for example.

We had a soft launch in February this year - which basically means we made it live but didn't tell anyone - and already have had over 2000 unique log-ins. Now that we are confident with it, we will be having a major launch this September, as well as running training sessions for academic staff in how to use it. Looks like it will be a great addition to the apps we have available to our students,and very complimentary to our iSheffield app which we continue to develop. Well done to all involved.

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