Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Mobile apps, liaison and a chat

Yesterday I spent most of the day at Oxford University where I sit on their IT Committee as an external adviser. As well as getting loads of work done on the train - for once I had decent wifi - it's always interesting to see what other people are doing and pick up tips.

Today we had a preliminary meeting to look at delivering some of our enterprise applications to mobile devices, whether that's through native apps or web apps. Prime candidates to start with are some of our HR services, possibly following with some from the Finance area. The apps we've been looking at are so much more user friencdly than the desktop versions, so hopefully will be popular with users (which includes us of course).

Also today we've had one of our strategic liaison meetings with a faculty where we share plans and updates. Lots of discussion about accelerating our wireless roll-out across the campus, more mobile service delivery and information security. Also updates on our new portal project, a flexible managed desktop for staff and our research computing infrastructure.

I also had a pleasant lunch with a colleague from another University where we talked at length about our experience of change management and incident management - both good and bad experiences. Sometimes its good to talk!


James Ibbotson said...

Quick question, is it the HTML5 based SAP Fiori apps

That were looked at or Sybased Unwired based native apps ?


chris sexton said...

we had a number of different solutions in front of us, and one of them was Fiori.