Friday, 21 June 2013

End of the week round up

The end of another week, with some spectacular rain last night - you can tell I'm going camping later today - the weather always changes!

This week I've had a couple of meetings of the Senate Budget Committee on which I represent the Professional Services. We've been talking to the PVCs of each Faculty about how they handle budget allocation to their departments. One of the aims of the SBC is to make budgets and financial matters more transparent and easier to understand to the rest of the University, and their web pages are being added to with more information to help with that.

Also this week I've been marking the student innovation submissions which I posted about earlier, and yesterday I had a Conference Organising Committee for the main UCISA Management Conference next March. So many things to do a long time in advance - the venues and the catering are already booked and at the moment we're working on the speakers. Trying to attract the highest calibre ones is important to attract a high number of delegates, and we've got some stunning speakers lined up already!

This morning was our regular weekly CAB (Change Advisory Board) where we look at all significant changes lined up for the next few weeks and ask the all important questions including my favourite - what if it all goes horribly wrong?

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