Friday, 31 May 2013

Summer of Student Innovation

Not had time to blog this week - sorry! So, what have I been doing? Well, one of the things was taking part in a webinar about the JISC Futures Forum which I'm a member of, and caught up on the progress of projects. The one I'm most excited about is the Student Innovation teams.

Branded as the  Summer of Student Innovation, we want to  put the power to enhance the university experience directly into the hands of teams of students, academics and experts across the UK.

Students who join the Summer of Innovation will get the chance to the chance to create real technology solutions, have the technology they create adopted by universities and join events where they can meet the other student teams as well as technical experts.
There's  £5000 per  student team on offer  to develop new technology that could improve education, research and university life. The teams will be selected through an open call for ideas, and after the projects have run, the technology developed by the teams will be embedded for a trial period in volunteer universities. Products that are successful in the trials will be provided to other interested parties through sustainable routes.  Lots more information about it here. Very exciting - hope it's a success.

Other things this week include Senate Budget Committee where we had a very productive and interesting discussion with the Vice-Chancellor about how funds are allocated in the institution. Senate Budget committee has put together a web site to try and demystify how finances are handled for those who are interested. Various other meetings and ad hoc catch ups took up the rest of the week. Oh, and a fairly major incident this morning.......

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