Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Exec go away

Every year me and the Assistant Directors ( aka "The Exec") try and get away for a day and a half to have space to think about things. This year we've just completed it, and one of the things we used as a basis for discussion was a survey we carried out quickly last week about how our colleagues in CiCS perceive our services, and how satisfied they are with certain aspects of their role.

As usual we had a wide ranging discussion about many things, including excellence in customer service, where we had a look at Customer Service Excellence, the government standard for customer service. Under the five headings of Customer insight, the Culture of the Organisation, Information and Access, Delivery and Timeliness and Quality of Service, it looks to provide a useful framework for self assessments, and I think we will carry out a gap analysis to see if there's anything we're not doing that we should be.

Other things we looked at included effective decision making, and how we can convey our decision making process better to the department and explain why certain decisions are made. This morning we looked particularly at staff engagement, and our survey results showed that in general we do a good job, but there are pockets we need to improve.

A very intensive but extremely useful couple of days, with a long action list coming out of it.

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