Thursday, 9 May 2013

Digital by Design

The Cabinet Office have an initiative to modernise government called Digital by Design, and that could form the tag line for the University's new Digital Engagement Strategy. Although led by our Corporate Affairs department, it is a collaborative project with us and aims to make us the best in the sector at digital communications and marketing. On Tuesday I attended the University Executive Board with the director of Corporate Affairs to present the outline to them, and I'm pleased to say they were strongly supportive. We want our communications activity to be digitally led, not taking printed documents and converting them to digital. This includes everything from the prospectus to our events calendars. We've already made a start by redesigning the University home page, and the rest of the website will follow, and we've launched the Virtual Open Days and Google Street view of our buildings. Much more exciting stuff to come, with the focus on producing exciting, rich, high quality digital content. Hopefully,we'll be expanding our creative media facilities and support to allow staff as well as students to produce material.

There's also going to be a bigger focus across the University on engaging with our customers on social media. This is something we do very well already, especially in CiCs of course, but we need to spread this across the institution.

The redevelopment of our portal, MUSE, fits well into the strategy as it will allow us to surface content from the website to our staff and students in a more focused and targeted way. Eventually we'll be expanding this to prospective students, alumni and other stakeholders. It's an exciting project, and going well. Here's a sneak preview of what it might look like.

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