Thursday, 16 May 2013

How to make sure a 70 year old business model stays relevant

Next up, Mike Dixon from Citizens Advice.
Interesting body. Considered to be lovely, and trusted. Everyone has a soft spot for them.
12.6m unique users of the website in last year, but not a good site, rated about 3/10. So, it's not all about technology!

Now looking to digitally transform their services. Their guiding principles are:
Content tailored to user profiles
Flexible digital publishing
Truly accessible, responsive design
Assisted digital-ready content driving core processes across channels
Easy out of the box solutions for local bureaux
Devolved content creation and management
Integrated social functions including peer to peer sharing, knowledge sharing.

Can't buy the above off the shelf!

Again, taking a digital by design approach with agile development. Also, pruning web pages as they move to a new CMS.

Looking at personalised social intranet. Has to be more compelling than the Daily Mail sidebar of shame. Or as he put it, the sidebar with a newspaper attached. If your content isn't compelling, people won't read it.

Fast moving digital content and debate is as important as more traditional forms of influence. Need a mixture of:
Slow web, downloads, projects, serious pieces
Integrated team and people blogs
Twitter, Facebook, integrated feeds
Tumblr etc, fast stuff. Snappy, rolling, short cuts

6 months ago, no social media presence. Now have >300 active twitter accounts, sentiment analysis shows very positive reaction. Huge number of followers. Really driven by one person. So, can change your organisations presence and reach very quickly.

Great talk, and although from a different sector, much in common.

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