Thursday, 9 May 2013

Enterprising Students

Last night I was honoured to be invited to the Vice-Chancellor's Celebration

of Enterprise Dinner. The University has a strong commitment to embedding enterprise education, and this year we've had the first ever Vice Chancellor's Celebration of Enterprise, a week long festival of over 50 enterprising events and activities across the campus. Last night was the presentation of awards to our enterprising students. There are three categories - Commercial Concept, Business StartUp and Social Concept. This year there was even an audience award, where the 3 students nominated in each category had to do a one minute presentation on stage, and then we got the chance to vote with voting devices. The students were amazing, all stuck to one minute, and also their concepts over in an enthusiastic and engaging way. We had poems, cartwheels, props and even improvised comedy. The winner was from our table, and Guillermo had invented a new design of temporary structure called HIVE which was formed from interlocking triangles.

The winners in the other categories were all very well deserved. The Business Startup was shared between a concept for a "cycle hub" in the city centre and a company supplying polymer based oil and fuel filters for engines. The Social Concept was won by The Bear Socks Company. A company selling socks to help bears. Obviously. The Commercial Concept ( which was won last year by Edward Miller who formed ReAxive which has produced all of our Google Street view images and the gigapixel graduation photos) was won by Nourish, a fast food company producing high quality nutritious, locally sourced breakfast and lunches as an alternative to other fast food outlets. Particularly pleasing to me was that Nourish has been set up by the daughter of one of CiCS staff members, so good luck to Lauren and congrats to the proud Mum Susan.

A great night in a spectacular setting, and a fantastic showcase for our enterprising students. Credit also to our inspirational Director of Enterprise Education, Professor Elena Rodriguez-Falcon who does a fantastic job.

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