Thursday, 21 February 2013

Webcams and kiosks

This has been almost a meeting free week so far. Almost a miracle. Although one day was blanked out for a possible trip to another University which got cancelled very late, and another afternoon to travel to Edinburgh. But still, lots of catching up done!

Had some great chats with people as well. Discussed rolling out webcams across the campus, we used to have a few, but various things happened to them, and they died a death. Following the success of our own filercam, we need to resurrect a few. Concoursecam will be first. Mind you, nothing we do will be as good as the penguincams on the current BBC1 series Penguins.

Also looked at a possible replacement for our kiosks around campus and in the IC. Some nice ones about, and I of course liked the funky lighting on these.

Currently I'm in Edinburgh at the annual two day meeting of RUGIT, the Russell Group IT Directors. Already had a very interesting discussion about how to prioritise between different areas, particularly around the very high cost of our enterprise back office systems, compared to what we spend on supporting teaching and learning and research.

This afternoon we're looking at working relationships between JISC and RUGIT, and how we might use JANET to exploit new academic connections.

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Mark Franklin said...

We'll soon have our own bird related cam..... more to come.....