Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Planning and strategies

Last week I posted about our five priorities, things we would change and business as normal activities for the next academic year. Today was the first of our joint planning meetings with our faculty colleagues who presented us with their drivers for change and areas for support, and we got to see if our plans aligned with theirs. I'm pleased to see that in the main ours did, with wireless and mobile delivery of services very high on their list of priorities. Some other areas for us to think about, including how we deliver distance learning  - through a central unit or devolved to faculties/departments.

Yesterday we had an extended SSB meeting. Several of our new service strategies are nearing completion, and we had a look at the ones for Communication and Collaboration, Help, Support and Training, and Printing. We also revisited our strategies for Teaching and Learning Support and Support for Research and Innovation which were approved some time ago. Others are being prepared, and we will soon have a suite of them for different services, with an overarching introduction to pull them together, instead of a traditional IT Strategy. Hopefully they will all be on our web site soon.
We also had our regular look at project progress, addressed priorities in areas where we have a lot of work coming in, went through our Service Improvement Report, and considered how we publicise our "business as usual" work to the University. A very full meeting! Lots of stuff going on, but too much work coming in for us to do, so we are looking at different ways of delivering and how we can be more transparent in our prioritisation process.

Tonight I'm supporting our students - last night at 1930 a group of them were given the title of a musical, and tonight they have to put it on at The Crucible. Build the set, learn the lines, rehearse etc - all for charity. Will report on it later!

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