Thursday, 7 February 2013

Priorities and Bitesize

A rare morning - no meetings! was able to catch up on lots of reading, and finalise some information for a planning meeting with other Directors of Services and our Faculty colleagues. As a starting point for discussion, we've been asked to come up with our top five priorities, our top five business as usual activities, and our top five things to change. So, in no particular order, here is our first draft:

Priorities for 2013/14

1  Wireless Everywhere

2  Delivery of IT Support
3  Planning the space in the New Engineering Building

4  Sustainability
     - Green: print, carbon, cooling
     - Services: simplification and standardisation
5  Mobile
   - Service delivery

Top 5 Business as usual activities

1  Improve student related processes including review of student system
2  Review of teaching technologies and support including lecture capture
3  Future proofing of core infrastructure
4  Continuous process improvement  - Process Improvement Unit and facilitation of departmental networks
5  Support for research

Top 5 Things to change

1 How we deliver research infrastructure
2 The way we use teaching space
3 Access to systems and services ( including new portal and identity management)
4 How we collaborate (post-uspace, google apps, others, skills)
5 Transparency of project prioritisation

This will now be shared and discussed with colleagues in CiCS and other departments before our final plans are submitted to the University in March.

The other thing a morning free of meetings allowed me to catch up on, was the first of our "bitesize" sessions we're delivering to students in the Information Commons. It was held yesterday and was about creating videos - recorded so that anyone who missed it can watch it on the IC Blog. I watched it and learned a lot! More are planned  -  keep your eye on the IC blog for details.

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