Tuesday, 12 February 2013

It's official....

....our students are amazing.

When people ask me why I love working at a University, I just have to think about tonight. Last night at 1930 a group of our students were told that the musical they had to perform in 24 hours on the stage of the Crucible Theatre was Annie. They had to learn their lines, learn the choreography, learn the music, be directed, blocked, build the set, practice scene changes, design the lighting, sound effects, sort out the technical issues including microphones and sound, design and print flyers, and sell tickets.  All to raise money for the Cavendish Cancer Care Centre. Did they do it?  Of course they did.

It was amazing. From the moment we walked into the theatre and saw the opening chorus on the set:

till the final song

it was amazing. I have worked with a few amateur dramatic companies backstage, and I can't believe what they did in 24 hours, when most companies have 6 weeks of rehearsal.

It didn't even start to fall apart till very near the end, and when it did, it was handled with such professionalism and humour - I cried laughing! I don't really want to single people out, because it was truly a team effort, but the people who played Annie, Mr Warbuck and Miss Hannigan were truly amazing. Of course, the real star of the show was the dog....

The backstage team also deserve a special mention, as do the publicity team who sold so many tickets. Was glad to see that some of them managed to get a drink before the show...

Well done all of you. Can't wait till the next one!

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