Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Student Union Officers - team objectives

At PSE (Professional Service Executive) yesterday we had an excellent presentation and discussion with some of our new Student Union Sabbatical Officers.  As well as individual objectives, they have team ones, and we focused on those.  I thought some readers of this blog might be interested to see them, so I've reproduced them below. Hope they don't mind, but I've made a couple of minor additions to clarify them. And added some comments form the discussion.

Diverse and Inclusive Union
To give all students – in particular students from under-represented groups, WP backgrounds and those who do not traditionally engage with the Students’ Union – the opportunity to enjoy the full extent of what is available at the Union, in order for them to both share their diverse cultures and shape their own unique experiences.

Fits in very well with work of Equality and Diversity Board on Equality Objectives. Some discussion about how Alumni Foundation might help with this. Some good ideas, including shop staff wearing flag badges to show what languages they speak - maybe we should adopt same in our frontline areas such as IC?

Minimising Disruption, Maximising Fun
To raise awareness amongst our members of the building works (on the Student Union and University House) and engage and communicate with them as to the reasons why it is happening, and the benefits for them.  We will minimise disruption to our services, communicating that the union is still open, accessible and vibrant.

We have already met the Activities Officer and will be helping student societies and other groups find alternative space and make it easier for them to book it.

The Demo and Beyond
The Higher Education system is changing beyond recognition and the government is choosing to ignore the views of students on this issue. In creating a student movement impossible to ignore we aim to empower students to shape a better future. It is important that we both build momentum for the National Demonstration and then use it to create a generation of activists who will campaign on a range of issues that students care about.

I think this is using the word activists in an interesting way - in a much more positive way than it is often used. Empowering students to shape their future has to be a good thing.

Priority Campaign: Reclaim Your Education
Linking in with our objective ‘The Demo and Beyond’ we will be running a campaign throughout the year voicing students’ objections to the regressive changes in the HE sector.

As usual, we on PSE all look forward to working with the Officers during the next year as partners.

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Andrew said...

Maybe it could be an interesting new training opportunity for some of the front of house staff - learn a new language!