Friday, 28 September 2012

Major incidents..

Sorry, not many updates this week - lots of HR stuff going on,  that I can't really blog about.  However, yesterday was fairly exciting. A bit scary but exciting.   Spent 5 hours in a training session for incident managers. These are the people who will manage a major incident, so it's quite a responsibility. we looked at how incidents are reported, assessed and declared, and the things that should immediately be covered by an IM. Some of the exercises we did included how we would respond to a duty manager contacting us at 2am on a Saturday to report and incident, and as was pointed out to us many times, the clock is already ticking. At that time on a Saturday you could be anywhere (I've been phoned in the middle of a field), or in any state!

 One of the biggest recent changes in incident management is in communication. We no longer control the reporting or the messages. Chances are that any incident will be reported on Twitter, Facebook or other forms of social media before we know about it. News and rumours spread quickly. Citizen journalists are everywhere, and we just have to deal with it.

Anyway, I'm now the proud owner of the Incident managers handbook, and this is definitely one thing you hope you never have to use!

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